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Car Restoration

Blast cleaning offers a simple solution to many of the stages of car restoration.  Whether you have a single piston ring for cleaning or full car body shell that needs paint removed, we can help.

We can clean engines or other greasy parts using soda which breaks down the hydrocarbons to remove all traces of oil and grease.

Cleaning metal including aluminium or thin sheet steel is possible again using soda as rusting is not a problem as it  would be with sand blasting. Soda is also a rust inhibitor so leaves a protective coating on the metal after blasting taking away the urgency to repaint as would be the case using sand blasting.

We can also clean fibreglass body shells to a high standard ready for repainting.

Car Clubs:

We offer a 5% discount for members of car clubs registered with us. 

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Some examples of what we can do:

Glass fibre car body before and after blasting with soda.

Car before soda blast cleaning car after soda blast cleaning

Aluminium bonnet before and after blasting with soda.

Landrover bonnet before cleaning Landrover bonnet after cleaning


Exhaust manifold before and after blasting with crushed glass.

Exhaust before cleaning Exhaust after cleaning